A list of websites featuring original desktop wallpapers for Mac & PC (in order of first submitted to last/most recently submitted)

Common name: Wallpaper(s)
Other terms: Desktop Wallpapers, Computer Backgrounds, Desktop Pictures, Desktop Patterns, Desktop Themes
Wallpapers, in the context of this website, are images which are set as decorations (or "customizations") on Graphic User Interfaces such as Windows, Mac or (for Linux) Gnome. These images may be photographs, art images or, even, small images (patterns or graphics) which may be repeated across a screen. Sometimes these smaller patterns are stretched, rather than repeated, to fill a screen (also known as a monitor).

Why: This site was created because we recognized that the larger proportion of desktop wallpaper websites are built on content stolen and/or redistributed from other wallpaper websites. With search engine results for the simple search term, "desktop wallpapers" in the millions only the smallest proportion has uniquely original content. Doesn't that same blue-eyed husky with the black head and white mask and muzzle appear on almost every wallpaper site with dogs? It doesn't matter which site you go to, if they feature celebrities they will, invariably, be the same photos of the same women from one site to another.

This site was created to facilitate desktop wallpaper seekers looking for unique content ... content you won't (or shouldn't be able to) find on any other site on the net - content unique to the individual sites listed on original-wallpapers.com. We hope you will enjoy these sites!

More sites with brief descriptions are coming

Click Here to get original, free desktop backgrounds for summer from http://wallpapers.graphicfreebies.com


  1. WallPaper Originals: http://WallpaperOriginals.com/ - Gateway site to free desktop wallpapers for any operating system including Mac, PC and Unix; from the following sites:
       Original Wallpapers from GraphicFreebies.com: http://Wallpapers.GraphicFreebies.com - Computer backgrounds in many sizes + themes: calendars, seasons, holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanuka, Valentine's Day, more), agriculture, original + fantasy art, countries (including Egypt, Israel, + India), prepared + fresh foods, skyscapes, a stunning flower section; too many more to mention
       Original Wallpapers fromAnimalSearch.net: http://Wallpapers.AnimalSearch.net/ - Domesticated to wildlife - hundreds of image to choose from in a variety of sizes
       Original Canadian Desktop Wallpapers: http://DesktopWallpapers.ca/ - Canadian computer backgrounds include general Canadiana, individual communities (ie, Toronto, ON and Vancouver, B.C.) and destinations such as the Columbia Icefields

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April 17/12